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Hymen Reconstruction

Hymen reconstruction is a procedure to restore the hymen by replicating it with a piece of the mucosa from the vaginal lining. This mucosa looks and acts like the original, virginal hymen. There are many reasons a women opts for a hymen reconstruction. In many cultures the hymen a symbol of chastity and purity and brides are expected to have their hymen intact until their wedding night. Some cultures even require the blood on the wedding sheets, after the hymen’s been broken, be shown to the family to confirm she was a virginal bride. Other women may simply desire to re-experience a virginal sexual when getting re-married.

Whatever the case, hymen reconstruction is a fairly easy procedure that can be done under local anesthesia with sedation. It is normal to experience some discomfort following the procedure which can be improved through pain medicine and antibiotics which will be prescribed. Any sutures placed will be dissolvable. Recovery from the procedure generally takes about two weeks and vigorous exercises such as bicycling should be prolonged for about 3 weeks following the procedure.

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